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Computers, Technology and Software

Assistive Technology

333 Elm Street

DedhemMA 2026
Phone Number: 781-461-8200
Fax: 781-461-8213
Hardware and Software

AT KidSystems, Inc.

8737 Colesville Road, 10th Floor

AlexandriaVA 22306
Phone Number: 301-495-0770
Fax: 301-585-9075
Computer Interface Systems

Chancery Software, Ltd.

4585 Canada Way, Suite 200

Burnaby, BCCa V5G 4L6
Phone Number: 800-999-9931
Fax: 604-294-2225
A trusted partner to the educational community, Chancery Software is the leading provider of K-12 student information systems, backed by 20 years of proven market experience and unmatched support and professional services.