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AAL designs, develops, implements and supports student information software solutions for K-12 school districts in the United States and Canada. AAL is the vendor of choice in four statewide installations, Idaho, Illinois, Hawaii, Ohio and North Carolina, and has installations in more than 700 districts and 40 regional service agencies-serving a total of 5.4 million students. AAL’s flagship product, eSOS, provides teachers and school administrators with superior data management capabilities for their entire SIS needs. As North America’s first true district-wide student information web solution, eSIS allows single district’s, Multi-districts, and statewide organizations access to real-time, accurate student information from one Centralized location. This scalable system can also be customized to meet specific state and district reporting guidelines.

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Ambrose Video and DVD has set the standard for broadcast quality programs including The BBC Shakespeare Plays, Beckett on Film, and the Animated Shakespeare Plays. DVD’s feature easy-to-use menus, and English subtitle options.


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