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Wenger Corporation

Wenger Corporation

555 Park Drive

OwatonnaMN 55060
Contact: Stacy Hanson
Phone Number: 507-455-4100
Fax: 507-455-4258
Website: wengercorp.com

Wenger Corporation provides innovative, high-quality products and solutions for music theatre education, performing arts and athletic equipment storage and transport. We have spent more than 60 years listening to what our customers need and then designing and developing durable, functional products to meet those needs.

Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice rooms offering module rooms with virtual acoustic technology (VAE) now with built-in digital recording and playback. Products for music and theatre spaces include; pre-engineered acoustical doors and sound-isolating music practice rooms, acoustical wall and ceiling treatment, instrument and music storage cabinets, acoustic shells, audience seating, portable stage platforms and staging systems. Music posture and portable audience chairs, orchestra pit fillers, make-up stations, tiered risers and music furniture.

Our GearBoss line of athletic storage products include; the Team Cart and X-Cart System, Sport Cart, GearBoss shelving, hydrate Cart, Mobile Kiosk and Transport cart.