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Knowledge Industries

10 Niagara Avenue

FreeportNY 11520
Knowledge Industries, a provider of Pre K-12 educational materials, is dedicated to helping the members of the education community reach their goals efficiently. Unique to educators, all of the titles offered in our curriculum-based catalog are leveled by Guided Reading levels and are matched with performance standards.

Orison Publishers, Inc.

Orison Publishers, Inc.

POB P.O. Box 188

GranthamPA 17027
Contact: Marsha Blessing
Phone Number: 717-697-3717
Fax: 717-427-1525

Multi-Cultural Resources for Your Classroom! Are you a social studies teacher? A foreign language teacher? An ESL teacher? A school counselor? A superintendent? A diversity director? A principle? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, visit www.worlddiversitycalendar.com. Our resources are wonderful assets for you! Today, we live in an increasingly interdependent world with distinctive local, regional, linguistic, and religious customs. Here at home, our ethnic diversity expands rapidly with many different cultures and religious practices. Adults, children, and students must be made aware of these differences, so we will be more sensitive and understanding of each other. Our society thrives when it embraces the benefits of cultural understanding. Although it may be easier than ever to reach every corner of the world, it hasn’t lessened the cultural and ethnic differences that still exist. These popular resources also look great in the classroom-drawing on the colors, styles and beauty that our diverse cultures offer. There are 3 annually updated and revised products included the 2008 Diversity product line for educators: The 2008 World Calendar, 2008 Ethnic Cultures of America Calendar, and 2008 Cultural & Festival Days of the World Poster. They celebrate National, Civic and Ethnic holidays of over 100 nations, pictures of different cultures and dates of holidays for 5 major religions. The 2008 World Calendar is a great tool for teaching about world cultures and religions. The World Calendar features beautiful full color cultural images from around the world. It is 14” X 11” and opens to 14” X 22”. It contains months and days in 7 different languages, national and civic holidays of over 100 nations, as well as religious holidays for 5 major religions. $14.95 The 2008 Ethnic Cultures of America Calendar is a great tool for teaching about ethnic backgrounds. With multi-cultural diversity increasing in America at record rates, educators continue to play a vital role in setting the tone for acceptance and inclusion of all cultures within our classrooms. This contains pictures that celebrate the beauty of many of America’s ethnic cultures, dates of cultural holidays and festival days, ancestry statistics and an index of major religious holidays. It is 14” X 11” and opens to 14” X 22”. $12.95 Make a proclamation with our 2008 Cultural & Festival Days of the World Poster. It contains the right ingredients for increasing the awareness of the beautiful diversity present in America’s culture. Cultural holidays and festival days for many countries as well as holidays for 5 major religions are included on this 24” X 36” color poster. $9.95 Effective educators understand the value of cultural and ethnic diversity. You will benefit from these resources. DISCOUNT PRICING AVAILABLE! Purchase Orders accepted. Visit our website for more information www.worlddiversitycalendar.com Orison Publishers, Inc., PO Box 188, Grantham, PA 17027, Phone: 717-697-3717, FAX: 717-427-1525 orders@orisonpublishers.co

Teaching Supply Store

Teaching Supply Store

114A Johnston Street

LongviewTX 75601
Contact: Paul Allegrezza
Phone Number: 903-753-8741
Fax: 903-757-6980

Everything a teacher needs for their students and their classroom in one convenient location. We stock over 15,000 products including classroom materials, instructional aides, office products, and teacher supplies. We offer everday low prices with a minimum of 10% off each purchase. Shop today and discover the TeachingSupplyStore.com!

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