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5724 North Pulaski Road

ChicagoIL 60646
Contact: Customer Service
Phone Number: 800-621-5808
Fax: 800-723-4327
For over 30 years, Labelmaster has been a producer of compliance products for the hazardous materials transportation industry. Labelmaster markets a broad range of transportation products, including labels; place cards, regulatory publications and non-hazardous trucking products such as log books and injection reports.

Labnet International, Inc.

Labnet International, Inc.

162 Fernwood Avenue

Edison, NJ 07095

Phone Number: 732-417-0700

Fax Number:     732-417-1780

E-Mail Address: labnet@labnetlink.com

Labo America, Inc

Labo America, Inc

920 Auburn Ct.

Fremont, CA 94538

Phone Number: 877-650-0117

Fax Number:     510-445-1317