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NanoPac provides software and hardware products for students who are blind,have low vision or reading disabilities. NanoPac has been providing assistive technology to Kansas for over 20 years. NanoPac has a complete line of low vision and blindness products including software and hardware. These include but not limited to video magnifiers, CCTV's, reading machines, screen enlargers, screen readers, voice recognition, Braille printers, Braille note takers, Braille Displays, Braille Learning devices, Braille Translation software, Book readers, Test to speeech, voice recognition, on handed keyboards, large print keyboards, GOS for blind students, Portable magnifiers for school environment. NanoPac also provides turn-key computers configured with blindness and low vision applications.

NanPac provides "hands on" group training to  Special Education staff covering various assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, CCTV's designed for classrooms, Braille devices and software, reading disability, voice recognition, etc. The group training cna be held at NanoPac's office or on site at a school district.