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Tanita Corporation / The Competitive Edge

Tanita Corporation / The Competitive Edge

2625 Clearbrook

Arlington HeightsIL 60005
Contact: Customer Service / Sales
Phone Number: 866-859-3343
Fax: 425-222-7850

Tanita provides the most accurate weight-only and body composition monitors available through modern science, to schools worldwide. Upgrade your school’s balance-beam scale with the latest in digital technology, with Tanita’s WB3000- now with automatic BMI calculation, a retractable height rod, and digital outputs! Then , help your student athletes gain the competitive edge by utilizing Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA_ technology with the FDA approved TBF300WA. This lightweight, portable model quickly prints out Fat Percentage, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Total Body Water, and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and also features a RS-232 port for computer interfacing. Activate the weight only mode and you also have a 440lb Legal-for-Trade-scale to use all your wrestling meets! TBF-300WA’s Wrestler Mode comes preset with both Collegiate and High School minimum body fat percentile standards, giving you the ability to use the same machine for any weight class of wrestlers. Both scales are now available with a wireless output option.