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A & H Athletic Floor Services

A & H Athletic Floor Services

P.O. Box 55502

Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: 317-598-0159

Fax:    317-845-9139

Aacer Flooring

Aacer Flooring

970 Ogden Road, P.O. Box 151

Peshtigo, WI  54157

Phone: 877-585-1181;  715-582-1181

Fax:  715-582-1182

Action Floor Systems, LLC

Action Floor Systems, LLC

4781 N. US Highway 51

MercerWI 54547
Contact: Jody McCormick
Phone Number: 800-746-3512
Fax: 715-476-3585

Action Floor Systems is a manufacturer of premium maple sports floors with a comprehensive selection of engineered sub floor systems to provide the right mix of performance characteristics for any application and budget.  Action's exclusive Herculan_ synthetic polyurethane multifunctional floor systems feature environmentally friendly solvent-free materials throughout with a water-based nontoxic top coat and totally free of VOCs.  For new construction, renovations, water damage, synthetic re-pours, etc.