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ParkerCO 80134
Contact: Bob Goldhammer
Phone Number: 515-422-0456
Fax: 815-301-8719

WeatherCall delivers site-specific, rapid notification for official National Weather Service severe weather warnings to any type of phone, SMS text, or email address, 24 hours a day.  If severe weather arrives in the middle of the night, a telephone call or an SMS text alert may be the critical link to waking you up to take immediate protective action.  Products inlcude the WeatherCall@Home basic level service for a fixed locations such as a residence, theWeatherCall ToGo mobile service for SmartPhones for notifications of NWS warnings or lightning strikes nearby as you travel in the community or across the country, the WeatherCall for Schools expanded service to provide severe weather and lightning notifications, and the WeatherCall Enterprise enhanced service for use by businesses and other organizations that need more contact capacity or a larger protective zone for additional lead time.