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13755 Hutton Dr. Suite 500

Dallas, TX 75234

Phone Number: 972-481-2007

Fax Number:     972-481-2107

E-Mail Address: glamkin@journeyed.com

Jupiter Images (Clipart.com)

5232 E. Pima Street, Suite 200C

TucsonAZ 85712
Contact: Customer Service
Phone Number: 877-CLIPART
Fax: 520-881-1841
Clipart.com School Edition offers teachers, librarians, and school administrators the largest online resources for royalty-free education-related clipart, with over 2 million images to choose from to design everything from school websites to T-shirts. Subscribe and receive unlimited access to the best graphics available online.

Jupiter Images (Clipart.com)

Jupiter Images (Clipart.com)

5232 E. Pima Street Suite 200C

Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone Number: 877-CLIPART

Fax Number:    520-881-1841

E-Mail Address: schools@jupiterimages.com