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GCA Services Group

GCA Services

1438 Brook Drive

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Phone: 610-729-7349

Fax:     610-729-7364

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GCA Services Group is a leading national provider of Comprehensive custodial maintenance and grounds services to the education an dspecialized commercial markets, GCA focuses on clients where the quality of cleaning and maintenance is critical to  the basic function of the establishment. Recognized for its specialzied expertise in the K-12 secotr, GCA's 19,000 employees service over 100 million square feet of K-12 space daily in over 800 schools.

GCA's consultative approach K-12 facility solutions allows for the development of customized programs designed to meet the needs of each school district. Supported by the most sophisticated operating systems available. GCA boosts one of the strongest, most experienced managment teams in the service industry as evidenced by its near 100% client retention rate. GCA's revenues exceed $410 million annually.